Brain-based Sleep Tools for Kids

5 brain-based tools to get your child to sleep quickly

Course Summary

Sleep...oh, elusive sleep! It seems so simple, but getting to sleep can be really hard! The same is true for kids, especially when they have a disorganized brain.
This workshop gives you five easy-to-implement tools that you can use on a daily basis to get those little ones sleepy quickly!

In The Cortex

The human brain is designed to develop in a certain way. We are all born with unlimited potential, but life can sometimes become overwhelming. No matter what your life looks like up to this point, the brain can change and create new connections at any age. When we change our brain, we can change our life.

In The Cortex puts you in charge, showing you the simple body movements that connect your brain and body with your innate potential.

This change in the brain can result in long-term symptom reduction or elimination for people that struggle with anxiety, ADHD, depression, Autism, obsessive behaviors, and many other neurodevelopmental, physiological, or psychological challenges.

Over and over again, participants have helped us see how much the brain can change, and we are excited to show you how!

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